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Vacuum lifting devices help lift and hold plate materials such as composite plates, wood, sheet, and metal up to 50t. Workers often engage these devices when there is a need to move various products from where they could be to the location where they are needed— this could be a manufacturing or warehouse facility. 

The invention of the Electric Vacuum Lifter is incredibly significant. You have heard of how technology has been resourcefully utilized to make life better and more accessible. The Electric Vacuum Lifter is one of these devices that serve as proof for this assertion. It is described as "a cordless suction cup lifting device." For GRABO Electric Vacuum Lifters, they are made available in two different formats. These include "Standard" and "Plus." Interestingly, you can find an integrated pressure gauge on the Plus model as a unique feature. They come in a compact plastic carry case with a replacement foam seal, a lifting strap, 2 x 14.8v Battery packs, and battery charging lead. 

How does an Electric Vacuum Lifter Work?

One of the most relevant questions to ask is about how the Electric Vacuum lifter works. As a matter of information, you should know that there is no complexity in how they are operated. On each Electric Vacuum Lifter are two buttons— one is green, and the other is red. If you want to simple-on-operate or simple-off-operate the vacuum pump, you go for the green one, but if you intend to release the suction pad quickly, press the red button. As a cordless unit powered with a 14.8v Li-ion battery pack, the Electric Vacuum Lifter is built to work for up to 1.5 hours. Its charging can take about 2 hours. 

What Makes an Electric Vacuum Lifter Useful For Construction Experts?

There is a number of usefulness that can be related to an Electric Vacuum Lifter. As a device that construction experts can employ, an Electric Vacuum Lifter can be used in the following ways;

To help lift and hold plate materials up to 170kg. 

They are used on surfaces such as doors, plasterboard, drain covers, flagstones, checker plate, glass, concrete pavers, stone slabs, textured glass and tiled surfaces, and lots more. This can work on porous, rough, dusty, or even wet surfaces. The porous or rough materials can be concrete, natural stone tiles, wood, gypsum boards, or rock. A standard hard rubber suction cup would fail if used on porous surfaces because of the air that is allowed to travel via them textures which render the vacuum cavity created by such a type of suction cup to fail after a few seconds of use. At the same time, it's a job done for an Electric Vacuum Lifter. It helps by pumping air out constantly at an incredible greater rate than that leaking via the material.

Employed to achieve a high level of suction— it secures it to almost any surface.

It is used when there is a need to fix large-format tiles. It helps to handle the tiles that have been primed or back-buttered.

GRABO for Construction
GRABO for Construction Industries